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Cognitive Remediation

Cognitive remediation (CR) is defined as a collection of restorative and/or compensatory interventions designed to enhance cognitive functioning. As per Medalia (2009), the goal of CR is to improve cognitive functioning so that clients are better able to achieve functional goals in areas such as work, study, social interaction and independent living. Individuals with mental illness and those who have experienced head/brain trauma or those recovering from a stroke are likely to benefit from cognitive remediation.

Our cognitive remediation program was designed to develop neurocognitive abilities such as attention, working memory, cognitive flexibility, and new learning, which has successfully proven to improve our clients' abilities to function socially and at work, and more easily reintegrate themselves in their day to day routines. Importantly, our clients demonstrate significantly improved quality of life after completing our program.

Cognitive remediation represents a broad set of activities and exercises that aim to restore and improve cognitive functioning. There is empirical support for cognitive remediation of several cognitive functions across a range of neuropsychological conditions.

Next Cognitive Remediation Program 2017

Sydney Inner West, Tuesday 2nd May 2017

Neuropsychological: cognitive remediation ANTS 10 week cognitive remediation program includes modules on:

  • Attention and Concentration
  • Memory and new learning
  • Communication and social skills
  • Organisation and problem solving
  • Dealing with stress and unhelpfull thoughts

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