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Neuropsychological Assessment: Frequently Asked Questions


How long does a neuropsychological assessment last?
  • Typically a neuropsychological assessment goes for 3-4 hours. Some may be shorter and others longer. The length of the assessment depends on various factors, including the complexity of the presenting problem, the availability of corroborative information, the need to interview a significant other and energy levels / fatigue. One or two short breaks are typically taken.
Is there a long waiting list for a neuropsychological assessment?
  • An appointment can usually be made within a fortnight of receipt of the referral. We can accommodate more urgent assessments in critical situations, such as an imminent court hearing or the need for urgent decision making.
How long do I have to wait for the neuropsychologists report?
  • The vast majority of reports are completed within 7-14 working days. Report production may be delayed in cases where we are awaiting receipt of critical information, such as brain scans or previous psychological assessment reports.
Can a neuropsychological assessment clarify a diagnosis?
  • Yes. Various brain conditions can elude even the most astute diagnostician without knowledge of the cognitive strengths and weaknesses. The neuropsychological profile can provide insights into regions of the brain that may not be working as efficiently as others, and this can strengthen, support or refute a tentative diagnosis.
Do I need a clinical neuropsychologist or a psychologist, what's the difference?
  • The Psychology Board of Australia (PBA) defines Clinical Neuropsychologists as those that specialise in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders associated with conditions affecting the brain.
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