Advanced Neuropsychological Treatment Services: Mission

ANTS Mission

Our mission is to provide a person-centered, holistic and evidence-based neuropsychological assessment and treatment service of the highest quality.

ANTS Values

We believe that all assessment of neuropsychological functioning should be geared towards improving cognitive, emotional and behavioural difficulties. Too often, clients of neuropsychological assessment are never provided with feedback from an assessment in order to better understand:

  • Why they are experiencing their presenting problems, and
  • What they can do to improve their functioning.

At ANTS, the starting point for effective neuropsychological treatment is evidence-based neuropsychological feedback. Neuropsychological feedback is the essence of treatment. By developing an understanding of the complex interplay between thinking, behaviour and emotions, clients are empowered to make significant changes, either through compensation, remediation or strength enhancement.

More fundamentally, ANTS is founded upon the core values of:

  • Knowledge

    Clinical decisions and recommendations are strongly based in scientifically evaluated findings

  • Compassion

    ANTS clinicians provide valuable, non-judgemental and relevant feedback and treatment

  • Excellence

    ANTS clinicians strive for excellence in every aspect of their work