Information: Advanced Neuropsychological Treatment Services (ANTS)

  • Neuropsychological Assessment

    Neuropsychological assessment/testing is a process by which a person’s cognitive, psychological/emotional and behavioural functioning is comprehensively assessed.

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  • Neuropsychological Treatment

    Treatment is defined as an application that is intended to treating a health problem. There are three major approaches to relieving neuropsychological disorders.

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  • Cognitive Functioning

    Cognitive functioning or cognition simply means information processing. There are many cognitive functions of the human brain including attention, memory, language, visuo-spatial skills and executive functions.

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  • Cognitive Remediation

    Cognitive remediation is a behavioural intervention intended to improve functional cognition in people who have experienced a decline in neuropsychological functioning.

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  • Cognitive Compensation

    Neuropsychological treatment can help clients and families develop and apply strategies to compensate for functions that have been impacted following acquired brain injury.

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