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Neuropsychological Information: Autism



Autism or Autistic Disorder is a condition that is characterised by deficiencies in social functioning and communication and by restricted and repetitive behaviours. It is a developmental condition that is typically first diagnosed in childhood. However, those with mild autistic features may reach adulthood with the condition undiagnosed. Disability arising from mild or high functioning autism may manifest only upon attempts to enter the workforce. Autism is the result of anomalous brain development, with an implication of particularly left hemisphere dysfunction. (Contact us on 1300 224 331 to find out more)

Neuropsychological Information: Aspergers



Asperger’s Disorder, sometimes referred to as Asperger’s Syndrome, is similar to Autistic Disorder, except that verbal communication skills are usually relatively well preserved. Also, intelligence tends to be well preserved, and is often above average. However, aspects of non-verbal communication are often deficient. Asperger’s Disorder mirrors Autistic Disorder in that the more common neuropsychological strengths and weaknesses imply right, rather than left, hemisphere dysfunction. (Contact us on 1300 224 331 to find out more)

Autism-spectrum Conditions

There are many conditions that lie on the Autism-spectrum and the two most common are Autistic Disorder and Asperger’s Disorder. All Autism-spectrum conditions are characterised by difficulties with social functioning.

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