Services: Advanced Neuropsychological Treatment Services (ANTS)

  • Neuropsychological Assessment Service

    ANTS neuropsychological assessments are conducted using the most up to date, reliable and valid tools available on the market. Moreover, they are conducted by ANTS consultants who are all practicing with a Psychology Board of Australia Clinical Neuropsychology practice endorsement. This ensures you receive a specialist, rather than generic, service.

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  • Neuropsychological Treatment Service

    Treatment is defined as an application of a technique or set of techniques, most often by a professional, which is intended to relieve a health problem. Similar terms are: therapy, rehabilitation and remediation. In the context of neuropsychology, common terms are:

    • cognitive rehabilitation
    • cognitive training / cognitive retraining
    • neuro-psychotherapy
    • cognitive remediation

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  • How much does neuropsychological assessment or treatment cost?

    Depending on the referral question, complexity of the case and purpose of the assessment, cost of assessment and a detailed report typically ranges from $880 to $2800.

    Tailored neuropsychological treatment is highly variable, and depends on the medical history, stage of recovery and client goals, as well as many other factors. As such, cost can only be provided on receipt of the relevant documentation. Click below for costs of the structured ANTS Cognitive Remediation Program.

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