Abbreviated Neuropsychological Testing

Comprehensive Neuropsychological Assessment is a resource-intensive process, which typically involves:

  • a detailed clinical interview (for approximately one hour), and
  • detailed neuropsychological testing (for up to three hours)

Because this is a time-intensive process for both the client and clinician, we offer an Abbreviated Neuropsychological Testing service that may provide some value when a comprehensive assessment is not warranted, affordable or practical.

Report of Abbreviated Neuropsychological Testing - Sample

Abbreviated Neuropsychological Testing involves the administration of selected tests, which are chosen to sample a wide range of cognitive skills in no longer than one hour. There is no clinical interview. As such, it is important for the referrer, client or family member to complete our Referral and Background Information Form so that our clinicians can integrate test results with the relevant history.

Abbreviated Neuropsychological Testing may be particularly helpful when an elderly person is complaining of memory problems and/or suspected of having dementia.

Although Abbreviated Neuropsychological Testing alone may be insufficient for a diagnosis of dementia (Comprehensive Neuropsychological Assessment is recommended for diagnostic purposes), it is certainly more detailed, and therefore more likely to detect neurodegenerative changes, than cognitive screening tests such as the Mini-Mental Status Examination (MMSE) or Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) (typically administered by GPs, Geriatricians and Neurologists).

Another benefit of Abbreviated Neuropsychological Testing is that due to the relative brevity and affordability of this service, repeat assessments a few months apart can significantly contribute to an understanding of whether cognitive functioning is getting worse, remaining stable or improving with time. This can be very important in detecting dementia early. On average, it takes 18 to 24 months between development of the first symptoms of dementia (memory decline) and diagnosis of the condition.

Cost of Abbreviated Neuropsychological Testing is $330.

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