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Neuropsychological Treatment Services

Treatment is defined as an application of a technique or set of techniques, most often by a professional, which is intended to relieve a health problem. Similar terms are: therapy, rehabilitation and remediation. In the context of neuropsychology, common terms are:

  • cognitive rehabilitation
  • cognitive training / cognitive retraining
  • neuro-psychotherapy
  • cognitive remediation

Many of these terms are synonymous, or overlap, and depend on the condition that it is applied to. For example, it is more likely that someone being treated for a traumatic brain injury would be said to be receiving cognitive rehabilitation, whereas a young person with first episode psychosis receiving treatment for memory and concentration difficulties would more likely be said to be receiving cognitive remediation.

At ANTS, we use the term cognitive remediation to refer to our comprehensive treatment programs, because it subsumes both the compensatory approaches (e.g., diary training) and restorative approaches (e.g., computer drill training), both of which are often warranted in cases of cognitive impairment. Furthermore, it is common for people with cognitive impairment to also experience disturbances in psychological functioning, such as anxiety and depression. As such, we also include evidence-based treatment for these psychological conditions in our cognitive remediation treatment programs.

We run 2-4 structured and intensive cognitive remediation programs each year, including group work, computer training and face to face sessions with a clinical neuropsychologist. Outside of these structured programs, we offer tailored treatment programs, which are developed on the basis of the results of neuropsychological testing, together with a discussion with our clients about their goals.

Our specialist clinicians are also experienced at offering behaviour management, psycho-education and psychotherapy (e.g., CBT, ACT, Mindfulness), particularly for clients with cognitive impairment and/or acquired brain injury.

Intensive 10-week
Cognitive Remediation Program

Advanced Neuropsychological Treatment Services

Evidence in the neuropsychological literature consistently shows that targeted cognitive remediation can improve functioning in memory, attention and executive functioning. Empirical evaluation of our structured intensive 10-week cognitive remediation program has demonstrated significant gains in attention and memory functioning when practice effects are taken into account, as well as significant reductions in psychological distress associated with cognitive impairment. Moreover, substantial improvements in quality of life were observed in the participants of the program.

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Behaviour Management

Advanced Neuropsychological Treatment Services

Challenging behaviour may be a manifestation of acquired brain injury, dementia, or developmental conditions (e.g., autism/Aspergers). Often, the challenging behaviour is the result of inefficiencies in cognitive processing and inadvertent reinforcement of the behaviour. Our specialist clinical neuropsychologists have the training and expertise to develop a behaviour management plan to assist with reducing or completely extinguishing such challenging behaviours. (Contact us on 1300 224 331 to find out more)

Psychoeducation and Psychotherapy

Advanced Neuropsychological Treatment Services

Our specialist consultants are available for either brief psychoeducation sessions or ongoing therapeutic interventions regarding the neuropsychological impacts of diagnosed medical conditions (e.g., traumatic brain injury). We are available to explain the results of previous neuropsychological assessments and provide general neuropsychological advice if you are simply interested in learning more about your condition from an expert. Our specialists are approachable and can communicate complex neuropsychological information in easy to understand terms. (Contact us on 1300 224 331 to find out more)

Other Tailored Neuropsychological Treatments

Advanced Neuropsychological Treatment Services

Given our strong treatment philosophy, knowledge and expertise, we can devise a highly tailored treatment program to meet very specific needs (e.g., visual scanning retraining for visuo-spatial neglect following stroke, to help meet the goal of returning to driving a motor vehicle). (Contact us on 1300 224 331 to find out more)

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